I have memorized 4 books of the Bible using the Word for Word system! My 2 year old daughter sometimes spontaneously sings the verses she hears me singing!

Crystal Coleman

"I learned 5 complete chapters by heart in 5 months - it is like a direct Bible download to the soul."

"Great compositions, very moving, varied, complex and accessible at the same time."

"The scripture music compositions are genius."

Others are saying…

God has used the scriptures I have memorized to find guidance and direction for my life, give comfort, counsel, words of wisdom to others, prophetic understanding of the times ... He has also used it to protect me from danger. In 1972 as a young (and not so wise) man, I traveled 8 hours sitting sideways in the back of an open M.G. convertible sans hat and sun glasses - across a blazing jungle in Sri Lanka (Ceylon). I was enjoying elephants and flocks of parrots and other incredible scenery. I was not considering the heat and the sun beating down on my head!

I was to preach that evening but was gradually developing heat stroke or sun stroke without realizing it. I was enjoying the ambiance and adventure so much that I didn't notice how ill I was becoming until it was almost sundown. When we arrived at our destination in Kandy I had nausea, dizziness and fatigue. The missionaries (who wore hats and sun glasses) realized that I was suffering heat stroke. I asked for a place to lie down for a minute and rest and they found a cot for me.

All day long a melody had been playing in the back of my mind riding in the back of the M.G. under the sun ... the music was delightfully repeating and blending with the hum of the car engine.

Now, as I lay there on the cot, I put my hand on my chest and began asking the Lord for strength because I was soon to deliver the message. Immediately the song that had played in the background of my mind all day played again but the volume was "turned way up" in my head -- so I paid attention to it and to the words. That's right ! It was a scripture from Psalm 121 I had memorized ...

The LORD is your keeper and the shade of your right hand.
The sun will not smite you by day!

Wow! I realized the Holy Spirit had been singing His Word back to me all day and protecting me from sunstroke. As soon as I realized this faith rose up in me. I prayed for myself and stood up. A comfortable coolness came over me. My head instantly cleared, the nausea left instantly and I was totally energized to preach!

J. David Newquist – Founder Word for Word Ministries

I learned David's method and was able to memorize the whole book of Colossians to my own music composition.

Cliff Stephens

I recently discovered David's Bible memorization method. To my surprise, in a relatively short time, I have memorzied three chapters of scripture.

Rick Davies

This program works so well and so fast. I am memorizing about a chapter every three to four weeks.Ihave now memorized the entire book of Ephesians. I only spend about 10 to 15 minutes a day singing along when driving to and from work! The great thing is that while I am memorizing I am also meditating on the scripture and God's will for my life!

Patricia Newquist

I am a pastor who struggles to remember anything, but I still can sing, word for word, three entire chapters of Ephesians that David taught me 35 YEARS AGO!

Pastor Randy Conger

I prayed and prayed about a difficult personal issue in my life. As I was going through the day, music was "playing in the background" in my mind but I was not paying attention to it. At the end of the day I started praying again about my problem and was still hearing that music. I asked myself "what is that song?" ... then I realized it was scripture I learned from David Newquist 2 years earlier in a class at my church. I paid attention to the music and the words came to me. The verses contained the exact answer to the problem I had been praying about!

High School Senior

I am amazed at how quickly I memorized several chapters of the Bible. There are places where the music seems so inspired it takes me up into heavenly places! What a miracle!

Patti Anderson

I use the CD to worship God and memorize scripture while I am driving. The music is great for scripture meditation. God has been taking me deeper into understanding grace and truth, how truth: both the law and grace interact, both bringing us to the cross, the center of time and eternity.

Joe Cisneros

Dave Newquist was my Youth Pastor back in the 70’s. He had a huge impact on my life and on that of my friends. What great memories I have of those days when my heart was being shaped in Christ! Those ‘hard-core radicals for Jesus’ early morning meetings! Life changers! My friends and I have been serving the Lord ever since. One of the most valuable things I learned from Dave was how to memorize Scripture with songs. What I like most about this method is that it increases the retention rate dramatically. I also find myself occasionally singing the Scriptures unconsciously or even in my dreams. I used David’s system to memorize many chapters in Matthew and also the complete book of Romans.

Pastor Jerry Michaels

Forty years ago I was a gang leader in Chicago. I fled to Portland, Oregon to avoid another imprisonment. I experienced a radical conversion to Christ and miraculously found the church where David Newquist was the youth pastor. Part of my spiritual growth in that church involved memorizing scripture. David gave me a cassette with Ephesians chapter one. I memorized it and still remember it word for word to this day!

I went back to Chicago and turned myself in to face whatever justice I deserved – leaving all in God’s hands. God granted me freedom and I have been serving Christ as a pastor now for 35 years! It just so happened that my story was covered by (my now friend) Lee Strobel. At that time he was an atheist graduate of Yale Law School and legal editor for the Chicago Tribune. The impact of God’s grace in my life was a jolt to him. Another jolt was the conversion of his agnostic wife. Lee is now the author of numerous books defending the Christian faith!

Pastor Ron Bronski