Christian & Home School

For Home School Families and Christian Schools

Word for Word Ministries is committed to a robust revival of Christian Education in the United States and around the world. The bedrock of Christian Education must be God’s Holy Word.  Bible Song chapters are freely available to everyone.


Home School Families and Christian Schools are eligible for free special instructional videos for John Chapter 1 and Ephesians.
Help us encourage other families and schools by sending us a performance video of your family or class singing part or all of a chapter.

For Everyone Who Becomes A Partner With This Ministry

Anyone who becomes a recurring donor to The Bible Song qualifies for special access to available Bible chapters on our APP.
Partner with us by making a recurring donation on either  PayPal or Patreon.

Please alert us by email after you become a recurring donor and we will send you access to the APP.
Here is an explainer video on how to use the APP.

All chapters of the New Testament will eventually be available on the APP.

Contact us for additional information on how your home school or Christian School children can begin working with The Bible Song to memorize whole chapters and even entire books of the Bible.