History and Science have proven that the most effective way to memorize text is by singing it.

History – for thousands of years millions of people (in other religions) have memorized their sacred texts (in one case three times the length of the entire Bible) using musical chanting.

Science – brain studies show the impact of music combined with language on multiple regions of the brain. Music is being used to enhance creativity, learning, and long term memory storage of information.  Music therapy is being applied to those with dementia.  Modern “memory competitions” have proven that text is best learned word-for-word by singing.

For some reason this powerful tool has been HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT from the Church for 2000 years.  It has only been partially utilized – primarily in the Psalms.

Now, Christians can take advantage of this mnemonic miracle to memorize the whole Bible – word for word – by listening to and singing The Bible Song – All Scripture Hymnal.

Word for Word Ministries offers a new and unique method that allows you to both sing and quote thousands of verses of scripture in context. Over the last 50 years many have used my Scripture music to memorize whole chapters and books of the Bible. Others have also adapted my method and memorized chapters and books of the Bible in their favorite version to their own music compositions.

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