Would your Church like to get involved?  Become a Chapter Champion and Chapter Guardian.

Churches – Groups – Individuals

Memorize Chapters – don’t delay get started today!

Sing Chapters – engage your choir (both children and adults) and/or engage the entire congregation to learn a chapter and sing together.



Sponsor a Chapter – Help us cover our production costs.  Each chapter of Scripture is equivalent to a music group producing an entire album of music. Please BECOME A MONTHLY SPONSOR NOW.

Produce a Chapter – we have composed the entire New Testament. Either produce a chapter that is ready to go; or compose and produce one of your own. Submit to us for review and we may upload it on our website.

Compose a Chapter – use your God given talent to create unique melodies that flow with the text using the Word for Word Ministries Bible Song as an exemplary model. We have composed the entire New Testament. Are you ready to get started on the Old Testament and become part of the first singable Bible – from Genesis to Revelation?

Perform using your church members and our background music The Christmas Story Musical Drama this Christmas. It is is 100% word-for-word Scripture!