How the Bible Song Works

The Bible Song is a delightful way to effortlessly memorize God’s word. Scripture is set to a unique medley of melodies that flows like a river, word-for-word and note-for-note, through the Bible. The learning path is fun and easy, just plug and play.

The average time individuals spend listening to music in the United States is now a stunning 32 hours per week! A small portion of that time spent listening to scripture music will be life transforming.

We recommend listening to a chapter during your commute to work, while working around the home, exercising – literally anywhere you usually listen to music! You will start learning the melody and the words. In fact it is the easiest way to memorize text – without exception.

It’s all about the FREQUENCY

The frequency of the sound of Music
The frequency of daily Listening and Singing

Families practice active singing and set aside 10 minutes a day/week and intentionally build their family devotion time around listening to, singing, and discussing a passage of scripture. Also enjoy receptive listening and soak or saturate your minds by listening with the entire family before a meal, during a meal, or while engaging in a fun activity like ping-pong, swimming, throwing the football, shooting baskets or whatever you enjoy as a family – working or playing together.

Churches – Champion a Chapter. Your church can become a sponsor to help produce a chapter or can guardian a chapter by learning it and becoming an exclusive member of Bible Song Champions.

Home Schools – include a short “sing time” to your daily routine. About 10 minutes a day is all it takes for your children to memorize whole chapters of the Bible over time. Imagine a generation of children growing into adults that know most of the New Testament by heart and in context.

Christian Schools – we offer Christian schools supplemental materials and support for learning. In addition to the orchestrated chapter you will also receive additional simplified learning tracks, instrumental tracks, lead sheets with text, and videos designed for learning. Please contact us for information about Christian School materials.