Answers to your FAQs.

Q. How will The Bible Song help me in life?

A. It allows you to sing and eventually to quote and write whole chapters of scripture in context. God’s Word is eternal. You are gaining wisdom for this life and also laying up eternal treasure.

A. It saturates your heart and mind with God’s infallible living Word.

A. It allows you to meditate on the scripture day and night so God’s Word can abide in you. God makes great promises to those who do this …. you will prosper in all you do (Joshua 1:8; Psalm 1) … and receive whatever you ask from God (John 15:7)

A. It builds you up in sound doctrine. Singing or listening to whole chapters of scripture deposits God’s word into your heart and mind IN CONTEXT.

Q. Who is The Bible Song for?

A. For new believers of all ages to hear God’s word for the first time and for mature Christians to grow in their knowledge of Christ.

A. For those who have wanted to memorize scripture but so far have been frustrated. You will be surprised how easy it is to learn entire chapters, and yes, even entire books of the Bible with this fun and easy method.

Q. Why is The Bible Song an easy way to memorize scripture?

A. Setting words to music is a scientifically and historically proven way to memorize vast amounts of text and retain it for life.

A. Unique melodies for each verse cement the information in 12 regions of the brain and involve linguistic, emotional, proprioceptive and kinesthetic aspects of memory. This whole-brain involvement creates imaginative real life interaction that engages the person singing in similar ways to those using virtual reality programs.

Q. Can you guarantee that this will work for me?

A. With few exceptions, everyone, even those who cannot sing on pitch, are able to memorize lyrics that have been set to unique melodies.

A. It works regardless of whether your singing sounds like a nightingale or like a gale in the night!

A. It is all about the FREQUENCY.
Frequency of sound impacts the mind and instills the words into the brain.
Frequency of singing. Sing every day. Just a few minutes each day will result in amazing progress.

Q. How do I become a Chapter Champion?

A. Church fellowships or individuals can partner financially with Word for Word Ministries to help produce any chapter of the New Testament.

Q. How do I become a Chapter Guardian?

A. Church congregations or individuals memorize and sing annually in corporate worship (and of course often privately) a chapter of a book in the New Testament for which they are responsible to be Guardians for posterity.

Q. How can Home Schools and Christian Schools participate?

A. We have a special FREE curricula for schools. By adding 10 minutes of “singing time” to daily curriculum children are amazingly able to memorize chapters over a short period of time. Start the youngest ones with a gospel (Luke or John).

A. Our program called READ WRITE SING RECITE is adjusted based on grade level. Primary and Intermediate education start with the gospels and Acts. Junior High through College memorize epistles and Revelation.

Q. What version is The Bible Song?

A. It is a new musical version of the Bible. The Bible Song – English Version will hopefully be followed by a Spanish Version.

A. The Bible Song is not a new translation of the Bible. It is word-for-word scripture (with some phrase repetition as in Hebraic poetic parallelism).

A. Each verse is composed to a unique melody. It is created specifically to aid memorization and biblical meditation and is not meant to replace other versions available for reading and studying.

A. To create the The Bible Song comparisons were made between as many as 55 respected versions. Often, a comparative version suggests a poetic phrasing or a variant word choice that rhymes and thus is amenable to lyrical presentation with music. Additionally, repeating phrasing nuances from different versions not only helps the singer understand the meaning of a passage better, it also lends itself to English and/or Hebraic poetic form. Greek interlinear helps and exhaustive concordances are also helpful in this endeavor. The best choice for each word, verse, and phrase was made after consulting and comparing many respected English translations. Blue Letter Bible, Bible Gateway, and Bible Hub – very helpful.

Q. Is The Bible Song a Public Domain version?

A. No. The The Bible Song is protected by copyright. The original music composed for the The Bible Song is only to be used to memorize and meditate on God’s Word.